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July 25, 2021

11. THIS IS Erica Parker, Tulsa's Social Entrepreneur

11. THIS IS Erica Parker, Tulsa's Social Entrepreneur


My guest today is Erica Parker. Tulsa’s social entrepreneur. Even that description cannot do her justice as she is involved in so many things. She is a professional musician, social entrepreneur, music educator, fund-raiser, and much more. 


Erica and I discuss why she chose to play the cello as a child. Her mother was a strong and determined woman who really impacted her. She describes her music studies at the University of Oklahoma and how she started her own business. She tells about her dad’s battle with dementia. She shares her love and praise for Tulsa and the support she has experienced here. She mentions the Iron Gates food pantry and her heart for the homeless community. In the end, she tells about how important all of her students are and how she is passionate about inspiring them to make a difference.


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