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September 19, 2021

17. THIS IS Erica Veldhuizen of Veldy's Artisan Cheese

OUR FAMILY’S RAW-MILK ARTISAN CHEESE SHOPPE MARKET My guest today is Erica Veldhuizen of Veldy's Artisan Cheese & Wine. Veldy's is located on Route 66 across the street from 918 Coffee. Veldy's offers its cheese shoppe market...


September 05, 2021

16. THIS IS Brett Davis of The Birch Co

TULSA’S PREMIER CUSTOM HOME BUILDERS My guest today is Brett Davis. He and his wife Mady are the owners and founders of The Birch Co. The Birch Co primarily focuses on building custom homes. They were voted Tulsa’s A-list Bui...

August 26, 2021

15. THIS IS Emily Blackburn of Blackburn Goods

HANDCRAFTED, HEIRLOOM-QUALITY LEATHER GOODS My guest today is Emily Blackburn of Blackburn Goods. Established in 2012, Blackburn Goods has been producing handcrafted leather goods bridging the gap between classic design and m...


August 16, 2021

14. THIS IS Lillie Keener of SEAM Design

A NATIVE-OWNED INTERIOR DESIGN FIRM My guest today is Lillie Keener. Lillie specializes in commercial interior and sustainable design, serving clients across the country. She grew up in Claremore, OK, and is a citizen of the ...


August 08, 2021

13. THIS IS Marta Luvian of Anchor Marketing Co

FULL-SERVICE DIGITAL MARKETING Marta is the owner of Anchor Marketing Co., a full-service digital marketing agency headquartered in Tulsa, OK. Anchor Marketing Co. helps businesses win online. From the solopreneur to the mult...


August 02, 2021

12. THIS IS Derek, Kelcey, Steven, & Caitlin of The Project Bar

LET’S GET CRAFTY My guests today are Derek & Kelcey, and Steven & Caitlin of the Project Bar. The Project Bar puts on events where you can get crafty working on one of their awesome projects while enjoying a drink with friend...


July 25, 2021

11. THIS IS Erica Parker, Tulsa's Social Entrepreneur

TULSA'S SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR My guest today is Erica Parker. Tulsa’s social entrepreneur. Even that description cannot do her justice as she is involved in so many things. She is a professional musician, social entrepreneur, m...


July 19, 2021

10. THIS IS Tony Peck of Dead Armadillo Brewery

HOME OF THE TULSA FLAG BLONDE ALE My guests today are Tony Peck and Johnny Ahaus of Dead Armadillo Brewery. Established in 2013, Dead Armadillo now cans and distributes four different year-round beers and four seasonal beers ...

July 11, 2021

9. THIS IS Gregg Conway of the Tulsa Boys' Home

SERVING OKLAHOMA'S BOYS My guest today is Gregg Conway, Executive Director of the Tulsa Boys' Home. Founded in 1918, and Located on a 160-acre site in west Tulsa County, Tulsa Boys' Home was the first and remains the largest ...


July 06, 2021

8. THIS IS Barron Ryan, Tulsa's Hippest Pianist

CLASSIC MEETS COOL My guest today is Barron Ryan: musician, artist, entertainer, and educator. His love for music has always been divided. The son of two musicians, he grew up in a house filled with the sounds of artists rang...

June 29, 2021

7. THIS IS Bill Griggs of SCORE Tulsa

TULSA’S BEST KEPT SECRET? My guest today is Bill Griggs, the Chapter Chair of SCORE Tulsa. SCORE is a nationwide volunteer organization dedicated to helping individuals intending to start a small business and those already in...

June 21, 2021

6. THIS IS Lisa Delametter of Ribbons Boutique

FAMILY-OWNED BOUTIQUE My guest today is Lisa Delametter. She is co-owner of Ribbons on Peoria. Ribbons is a family-owned boutique in the heart of Brookside. There you will find clothing, accessories, picture frames, collectib...


June 13, 2021

5. THIS IS Dane Tannehill of Jane's Delicatessen

BEST PLACE TO EAT ON ROUTE 66? My guest today is Dane Tannehill of Jane’s Delicatessen. Jane's Delicatessen is an eatery and bar located on historic Route 66. They are committed to bringing the people of Tulsa mouthwatering f...

June 06, 2021

4. THIS IS Regina and Giselle of Breathe Birth & Wellness

EMPOWERING WOMEN THROUGH MODERN MIDWIFERY CARE My guests today are Regina Kizer and Giselle Chebney. They are the co-founders of Breathe Birth & Wellness in Broken Arrow. Their vision and goal is to empower women through mode...


May 30, 2021

3. THIS IS John Pence of Pence Engineering

HIGH-CALIBER WOOD CRAFTSMAN & PILOT My guest today is John Pence. John Pence is the owner of Pence Engineering, a Tulsa-based business that specializes in building high quality, custom built furniture. He takes great pride in...

May 23, 2021

2. THIS IS Dr. Chris Sudduth of Remedy Health

A NETFLIX MODEL FOR YOUR HEALTH?? My guest today is Dr. Chris Sudduth. Dr. Sudduth is a 4th generation Oklahoman from McAlester, OK. He completed his medical training at the University of Oklahoma where he concurrently earned...

May 23, 2021

1. THIS IS Caleb and Wyatt of The Blue Hues

TULSA'S NEW INDIE BAND My guests today are Caleb Daniels and Wyatt Hargove of the Blue Hues. The Blue Hues is an indie band inspired by classic melody-driven pop forms. Their signature sound includes syncopated synths, vocal ...

April 19, 2021

THIS IS the Introduction

In this episode you meet the host Austin Lindsey. He shares a little of his background, where the idea of the podcast came from, and what you can expect to hear ahead. PLACES MENTIONED IN EPISODE: Tripadvisor 2020 Travelers' ...