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Wish I would have heard something like this 20 years ago. I might have been inspired to use some creative talents to earn a living.

Prakash Subramaniam

Loved hearing about Prakash’s goals for Oklahoma kids.


Absolutely great podcast for Tulsans and people round here. Barron Ryan podcast is worth everyone’s time, engaging & really cool to hear how a Tulsa artist came in to his swing. The world is glad

Tulsa Lover

I have a long commute and I love listening to this podcast because I love learning about all that Tulsa has to offer! Can’t wait to hear more!


So looking forward to this podcast! Can’t wait to hear more!

From TX to OK

I’m ready to plan my next trip to Tulsa, great job Austin, looking forward to hearing more about your city!

Nice intro.

Can’t wait to hear more. You make Tulsa sound like an exciting place.

Best Recs!

Can’t wait to listen and follow along as he shares all the best recs for the Tulsa area!

Cannot wait listen!!

I’m from Oklahoma and am a definitely a podcast junky. I am really looking forward to hearing all the interviews from this podcast and learn about the tulsa area more!! 🙌🤩